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Monday, October 18, 2010


In the morning when I wake up, I can't tell if Fig has been licking my fingers or if I have been scratching my asshole. The smell is pretty much identical. If I spend a few minutes really giving it a good whiff I can pick up on the faint tuna smell, mixed in with the overwhelming ass tones, and realize I definitely wasn't scratching. Fig has the worst smelling breath I have ever encountered. It is a putrid mesh of fish, dog ass, and rotting garbage. The smell clings to whatever she licks for hours. In the car, a simple yawn can send all of us into a gagging fit racing for the windows. Marnie's vet says it will cost a thousand dollars to clean her teeth. Are they insane? I can get my human teeth cleaned for way less than that. They say she has a few dead and/or rotting teeth and I don't doubt this, but I don't understand why it would cost so much to take them out. We obviously don't have this kind of money right now in the midst of touring- the next 7 shows being unpaid at that (CMJ). Does anyone know of any tricks for dealing with really terrible doggy breath? Her saving grace is that she is fucking adorable otherwise we would have chucked her out the sliding door of the van a long time ago. 
(Maybe this could be turned into a positive thing for Nithin at least, as he could use her as some vomit inducing bulimia aid on his quest to become "hipster thin"?)


  1. marnie should try to brush fig's teeth maybe? or give her some greenies (they're a dental treat for dogs. there's also a version for cats called feline greenies.)

  2. Fig is my secret weapon! One whiff of her precious mouth and bam! It's like that extra large order of chocolate chip pancakes never happened. The two of us put the "green" back in the green room. Save the whales!

  3. A lot of the cost will probably be for a general anaesthetic, which isnt exactly ideal because thats not without risk

    There are various dental products for dogs at pet stores (including a toothbrush and toothpaste, which will be more effective than sprays, tablets/pills, and other concoctions). Sometimes a change in food can also help.

    Hopefully you find something which takes the edge off, there are lots of other ways for nithin to induce vomiting.

  4. General Anesthetic cost is right! and taking out teeth is tough work! It cost more than 2000.00 dollars to get my wisdoms out... They don't exactly make less expensive dog GA and have less trained Veterinarians to remove puppy teeth. better watch out! leaving rotting teeth can cause all sorts of problems by having the bacteria leach into the blood stream. Kidney failure is ultimately one of them! ... which can also be a source of rotten breath.

    Get those teeth out of Figgy!

    xoxo MEL (of course)

  5. Im not sure i would be so quick to prescribe surgey... its expensive and risky (especially if its an older dog, and fig seems to have been around at least as long as marnie as been touring).

    Obviously if she starts to have other problems than just bad breath, it needs to be dealth with. but routine cleaning and a decent diet might help keep things at bay.

    Im not a vet or anything, so feel free to totally ignore what i just wrote.