Marnie Stern is currently touring the US and will be in Europe in Nov/Dec in support of her new self titled album. You can figure out when she is playing near you by going on the myspace: . This is our tour blog, we are Marnie (shredder), Nithin (bass), Vince (drums), Courtney (TM), and Fig (wonderpup). We like to talk about disgusting things and take pictures of ourselves because we feel that obviously everyone would be interested in this.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Las Vegas

The Vegas show was outside by the pool at the hip new hotel on the strip called The Cosmopolitan.

Fig won ten bucks at the slot machine!

Before the show, we went to dinner with the AMAZING drummer from The Lips, Kliph Scurlock...and his smart and talented girlfriend Jess!

Drummer extraordinaire!

Our girl Courtney came with us to Vegas to help get the party started. There she is in the background causing a ruckus.

Nithin was in heaven!

These are some of the Wizard Of Oz dancers who are on stage for the whole Lips show

Talk about getting a taste of the good life! We had our own "bungalo" as a green room

Look at the crazy jumbotron screen!!

You know what they say about big hands!

Thanks Jess and Kliph for being so warm and welcoming!


  1. Kliph is pretty fantastic, but you've got the best drummer in the entire world behind you on stage! Zach might be faster and more intense than Vince, but Vince does things with a drum set that I've never seen before! Hooray for awesome drummers everywhere :]

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  3. Damn, that Jess girl is gorgeous!