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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Austin/Mardi Gras/Tallahassee

Sorry we've been MIA for the past few days, sometimes it's just hard to make time for the people when you're too busy being fed grapes by models and escorted around the upscale shopping districts of major cities in stretch limousines. Seriously though, Marnie, Nithin, and Evan picked up some virulent strain of road flu (probably from snorting lines off that filthy toilet seat in San Antonio) and it's been slowly eating away at our respective life forces. As of today, however, we're better and stoked to be back on track!

This pic is of Nate in Tallahassee last night, wearing
a piece of clothing donated by some of the natives

Fig's wearing it in this one

Vince hungover after going gangbusters on Bourbon St.

Austin green room

Marnie re-living her days as an old school
pool hustler.

The flu is starting to kick into high gear

We thought a trip to IHOP might settle our stomachs.
Boy were we wrong. Nithin turned the bathroom into "IDROP"

The craziest shit of all went down in New Orleans.
Picture the movie The Hangover, mixed with a mechanical bull,
a bunch of strippers, and a lot of fried dough. We have to find more pictures
of the debauchery. We don't have many because Nithin and Fig
went back to the hotel for a romantic evening.
This one should give you some idea of the
amount of boobs we saw that night!

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