Marnie Stern is currently touring the US and will be in Europe in Nov/Dec in support of her new self titled album. You can figure out when she is playing near you by going on the myspace: . This is our tour blog, we are Marnie (shredder), Nithin (bass), Vince (drums), Courtney (TM), and Fig (wonderpup). We like to talk about disgusting things and take pictures of ourselves because we feel that obviously everyone would be interested in this.

Saturday, November 13, 2010



Courtney's Grandma and grandpa came to the Tucson show,
and stayed for the whole set! Big Ups!

Macy Gray's dressing room and rider looked like this.
On the other hand, our rider was on the other side of the partition.
Ours consisted of 7 beer bottles and a sugar free red bull
(or SFRB, as Nithin likes to call it).

The only 2 people who came to see up play that night.
Thanks guys, and thanks for the Rodney Dangerfield Simpsons action figure.
We had it on the dash for the rest of the tour!

Fig knows how to Rock And Roll

Vince finally shows a moment of sleepiness while waiting to check in
at the hotel, while the computers "reloaded" at 4:00 am
to let us in for the next day's schedule

Nithin and Susan = Adorability!

Outdoor Austin Halloween Show.

Nithin was the only one of us who dressed up.
He's got the bunny ears, (and a little bunny tail in the back
that you can't see.)

Vince Daytrotting away

The crazy cool hotel view from the elevator

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